What People are Saying

The Theme

The theme of the first annual Northeastern Global Summit will be the aftermath of the 2008 Financial Crisis. The Summit will attempt to capture and summarize a phenomenon that started in the financial sector, spread throughout the economy and infected every part of society like a virus. We believe the Crisis marks an unprecedented turning point in the history of the modern capitalistic society. This complex event and its consequences will continue to be studied for many years and will continue to transform our society. We are living through these changes and do not want to wait 20 years to understand them. We want to learn from yesterdays mistakes to create a better tomorrow.

Our Mission

The Northeastern Global Summit will focus on the Great Recession by bringing worldclass speakers here to Northeastern campus to cover topics such as Finance, Business, Politics and Society. Students will enjoy a terrific learning experience, in which concepts and ideas studied in class will come to life.

Three Perspective Approach

The Summit will also offer what we called the Three Perspective Approach, a timeframe perspective that aims to educate the audience about the mistakes made in the past, to create awareness of how society has been affected today, and to inspire future generations in taking action to build a better future.